Part of every skilled jewellers working day is to bring back to life worn and broken jewellery.

As jewellery is almost always of sentimental importance and value to the customer Philip takes a great deal of care to repair all pieces back to their original state. Even if, for example, a stone is missing, Philip’s eye for matching up stones is uncanny and the results are often imperceptible from the original item.

As part of the repair service all items are cleaned and finished with a high polish to restore their original beauty.


We carry out watch battery and strap replacements for all makes and models of watches. We can also carry out a full clean of your watch if required.


Philip offers a full assessment and valuation service for your jewellery. Philip’s years of industry experience allows him to produce a highly accurate valuation for insurance and probate needs as well as an accurate value required if you are considering selling your jewellery items.

Insurance Services

An important service offered by Philip is the assessment and valuation of your jewellery for insurance purposes. It is vital that this valuation is accurate and in line with current market values for your jewellery, so if the worse happened and your jewellery was stolen or lost you could recover the full value from your insurance company.